How to get to your glove size

Choosing your glove size is important, but not always easy. To support you, we want to provide you with relevant information on our different sizes and a tool to get to your perfect size.


Palm circumference


The following table shows the length corresponding to the circumference of your palm. Please measure across the widest part of your palm, between your thumb and forefinger, straight across to the edge of your hand, with finger outstretched. Note that this gives you an indication - if you, for instance, have rather long fingers, you might want to choose a larger size. 




Circumference in cm

16.5 - 18

7 18.5 - 20
8 20.5 - 22
9 22.5 - 24.5
10 25 - 27



Alternatively, you can use our glove size tool:

rowtex glove size tool
Print, cut, and measure your hand.
(Please print without rendering at 100% of the document's size.)
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