rowtex elite - for current and to-be elite Athletes

Our new rowing glove model elite is the perfect fit for rowers who opt for gloves with maximum feeling.  

Curvature: rowtex elite is curved in its basic form, which prevents the creation of wrinkles on the palm. Protection against blisters is guaranteed even better.

Material: On the palm, we use a very thin and fine artificial leather. Without further padding, it maximizes the rowing feeling and acts as a "second skin". The permeable pattern on the inner side guarantees for great breath ability. On the back of the hand, a soft mesh material ensures breathability.

Design: The design for rowtex elite is sporty. The black
 tech-print on the back of the hand improves the glove's close fit.

Touch function: Whether you want to track your rowing sessions with your smartphone, take photos, or post on social media - our gloves come with a touch function.

Reinforcements: The elite is a very thin glove without additional padding. This ensures that the feeling of the sculls or oars is not impaired. 


Velcro: We use a new, very thin velcro that does not impair your movements.

Bags: Our new gloves come in a useful, breathable bag. The bag is not only practicable, but it also makes sure that the gloves dry after rowing sessions.

We recommend that you choose a smaller glove size if you are uncertain (e.g., take size 8 if your measurement result is 8.5).