rowtex ICE - it's getting chilly

Our rowtex ice has been developed especially for fellow rowers that do not want to spend colder periods on the erg.
This gloves will keep your hands warm and safe with its water and wind proof material on the back of the hand. We also strengthened the palm and adapted the glove's design. The main features are:

Curvature: rowtex ice is more curved in its basic form, which prevents the creation of wrinkles on the palm. Protection against blisters is guaranteed even better.

Material: On the palm we use a fine and very soft artificial leather that protects you from wind and cold temperatures. 
It does not impair the rowing feeling and dries fast. On the back of the hand, we use water and wind proof material.

Design: The design of the black rowtex ice is classic and elegant. In addition, experienced rowers immediately recognize the specific red / green elements, characteristic for Backboard / Starboard.

Touch function:
 Whether you want to track your rowing sessions with your smartphone, take photos, or post on social media - our gloves come with a touch function.

Reinforcements: The original reinforcements were complemented by elements around the thumb area. These protect your hands, especially the inner hand when rowing (not sculling).

Velcro: We use a new, very thin velcro that does not impair your movements.

Bags: Our new gloves come in a useful, breathable bag. The bag is not only practicable, but it also makes sure that the gloves dry after rowing sessions.

We recommend that you choose the smaller glove size if you are uncertain (e.g., take size 8 if your measurement result is 8.5).